Rosberg backs Hamilton in title race – “My guess is him because of his experience”

Nico Rosberg backed Lewis Hamilton in the season’s title race, predicting him to win it solely because of his experience.

Hamilton is battling for the world championship with Max Verstappen. He has two races to overturn an eight-point deficit. Should he accomplish the feat, he will become the first driver in history to become an eight-time world champion.

The German himself has contested three championship battles with the current British Knight. Twice he lost out to his teammate, before beating him in 2016 and retiring from the sport.

The former Mercedes driver has been watching this season earnestly and has at multiple times expressed his neutral opinion on things. However, Rosberg backed Hamilton in the title race with two races to go.

“This is a sensationally tight situation,” he said, as quoted by talkSPORT.

“My guess based on feelings is Lewis because of his experience. But the championship is totally open.

And former rival Rosberg thinks Hamilton's experience will win out... Just
Rosberg (left) is a man who is all too aware of how this situation feels like. Source: Getty Images

“Max is super strong. The mindset in such a duel is essential. This is surely not easy for Max as this situation is new for him. 

“And he is even going against the most successful F1 driver of all time. So he already deserves massive recognition.”

Take it from the best

Rosberg is the only one who has beaten Hamilton in the turbo-hybrid era. Verstappen could be the next one to do it, and as such, the retired driver revealed the way to beat his former teammate.

“One has to take advantage of Lewis’ weak phases,” he explained.

“When he loses a bit of his motivation, his head, then it’s full attack! Meaning, one has to take maximum possible points, you can’t ever write Lewis off. He will always come back.”

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