Rosberg expresses desire to repair relationship with Hamilton – “Open to finding our way”

Nico Rosberg expressed his desire to repair his relationship with Lewis Hamilton and get back on speaking terms.

Rosberg and Hamilton were title rivals from 2014 to 2016, with the intense competition fracturing their relationship. Once the best of friends, the present day sees them have no relationship at all.

The two drivers had too many bitter moments throughout their time at Mercedes. The German beat Hamilton to the world title in 2016 after failing to do so in the past two years and ended up retiring from the sport altogether, leaving no room for closure.

Rosberg expressed his desire to repair his relationship with Hamilton, and revealed that he wouldn’t try to shy away from it.  

Speaking to Graham Bensinger as quoted by, the retired driver said, “It was important for me to tell him (I was retiring) personally as well because of the battle that we’ve had and everything. 

“First of all I just wrote him a message before the actual announcement and then afterwards we got together and had a chat about it and went through a few things.

“It was a nice conversation and I’m open to finding our way and even having a good relationship again in the future. Why not?”

Rosberg (left) and Hamilton (right) have no relationship anymore. Source: Getty Images

Bittersweet story

Recalling his friendship with Hamilton and all the good times they have had together, Rosberg said, “It’s a very unique story. 

“When we were 14 years old we were both racing for the same go-kart team ‒ Mercedes Benz-McLaren at the time ‒ and we were best friends.

“We went on holiday to Greece, sat at dinner and said, ‘Imagine if in 15 years time, we’re in the best Formula 1 team together, racing against each other for the championships. And then 15 years later it happens and that’s quite insane.”

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