Nico Rosberg has revealed his shocking plans for an F1 return, saying there was one moment when he was tempted to return.

Rosberg retired from the sport after a grandstand finish to his career, winning the 2016 Drivers’ Championship in dramatic fashion. He rode off into the sunset after his victory, having won his maiden and final championship.

Many fans have clamoured for the German to return to the sport he loves, something he has declined time and again. However, Rosberg revealed his shocking plans for an F1 return, and stated that the 2020 Sakhir GP situation really tempted him to grab his helmet.

As quoted by, Rosberg told Jenson Button on his YouTube channel, “I would definitely have considered picking up the phone there. But I physically would not have been able to. No way.

“I would not manage more than two laps with that car. My arms would solidify rock solid, my fingers…I wouldn’t be able to hold the steering wheel anymore after two laps, I am sure.

“Not to speak of the neck falling between my legs when I’m braking, because I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up! You know, the G-forces on those things, the challenge and the development you need on all your specific muscles, your arm muscles… It’s very on the edge. So physically, no chance.

Nico Rosberg beat Lewis Hamilton to the world title in 2016.
The last sight of Rosberg in F1. Source: Getty Images

“If you tell me you can try Valtteri’s (Bottas) car tomorrow in Bahrain on a day of testing, I’d be like ‘wow, that’s so cool, I’d love to do it.’

“But if you tell me I have another chance to be back in a season, no. Thank you very much everybody, I’m very happy with my second life. That’s all done and fulfilled.”


If Rosberg really stepped into the Mercedes he left four years prior to the 2020 Sakhir GP, the race would have been watched by millions. Everybody feels Rosberg left before he could offer everything he had.

Fans got to see Rosberg becoming champion. However, everyone agrees that winning it is only half the success. The rest of it lies in defending it, and that is something we never saw with him.

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