Rosberg slams F1 for questionable rules – “The FIA needs to tighten all that up”

Nico Rosberg slammed F1 for their questionable rules, saying that they must be addressed immediately.

The sport’s ugly side reared its head in full capacity at the season finale of 2021. There, the title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton ended on a highly-contentious note.

The rules of the Safety Car are very clear, but they were twisted for unknown reasons on the last lap of the race. It influenced the outcome of the race, putting an asterisk on Verstappen’s triumph. It also caused massive debate and discussion regarding what was legal.

With the sporting parameters very grey instead of black and white, Rosberg slammed F1 for their questionable rules, and implored the sport to make changes.

“The sport needs to make progress,” the 2016 World Champion told Sky Sports News.

“It starts even with all the overtaking, the wheel-to-wheel action.

Rosberg called for new rules to avoid incidents like this one. Source:

“The FIA needs to tighten all that up so that we don’t have all these discussions.

For the better

Rosberg also explained that while he understands the difficulties of making decisions on the fly on a case-by-case basis, he thinks the sport should have some clear-cut rules that are easy to understand and cannot be debated upon.

“It would be better for the sport if it was much easier to understand,” he continued.

“Also in wheel-to-wheel racing; who is now right and wrong, what needs to be done. A quick decision is made, and we go on.

“We need to get rid of all these discussions, that’s important.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff hoped that F1 will look into making the sport free of loopholes.

“Everyone who is a racer, you guys, us, knows what happened (in Abu Dhabi),” he said.

“So nevertheless, I have confidence because we will all be pulling on the same rope in the same direction.”

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