Rosberg trolls Hamilton for calling Bottas his best teammate ever – “Only because he never beat him”

Nico Rosberg trolled Lewis Hamilton for calling Valtteri Bottas his best teammate ever.

Hamilton’s career at Mercedes has seen him have two teammates – Rosberg and Bottas. Bottas will be leaving Mercedes after a five-year association, and will be joining Alfa Romeo for the next season. Hamilton took to social media to praise Bottas and thank him for his contributions. In that post, he also called him the best teammate he ever had.

Rosberg took exception to that statement, and trolled Hamilton for calling Bottas his best teammate ever.

Rosberg spoke about Hamilton’s post, saying, “Bottas was super useful. He never beat Lewis, they were chill.

“That’s why, that’s why (Lewis) says he was his favourite teammate of all time.”

Rosberg then mentioned that he wanted to troll Hamilton by commenting under his post.

“I wanted to write under (the Instagram post) ‘What about me?’” Rosberg jokingly suggested.

All in the past?

One cannot say for sure if Rosberg meant anything by his comments. What we do know is that the former teammates don’t have a relationship anymore. This is sad to see, given that once upon a time, the two were best friends.

Hamilton and Rosberg were thick as thieves during their karting days. However, when they were paired together at Mercedes, they wanted to win at all costs. As a result, they did questionable things to one another during their rivalry, and all of it dented their relationship. It got so bad that they weren’t on speaking terms as teammates.

After his maiden world championship win in 2016, for which he beat Hamilton, Rosberg had the last laugh by announcing his shock retirement from the sport. This was the reason Mercedes signed Bottas, who steadied the sinking teammate ship at Mercedes.

Perhaps that is the reason Hamilton considers Bottas to be his best teammate. Unfortunately for Rosberg, he isn’t the seven-time champion’s favourite, both on a professional and a personal level.

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