Rossi gives take on Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry – “The problem is that you fight for the same goal”

MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi gave his take on the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry, saying that he fully understood the intensity.

Rossi retired from MotoGP at the end of the 2021 season. He left a motor racing icon and the greatest driver to have ridden a motorcycle. Throughout his time in the sport, he was embroiled in some fierce rivalries as is the case in sport.

On the F1 side of things, his friend Lewis Hamilton’s greatest rival was Nico Rosberg. The two drivers went to war for three years, with Hamilton winning two titles to Rosberg’s one. However, the German had the last laugh so to speak, as he won the title in the last year of their rivalry.

Rossi gave his take on the Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry, saying that he knew what it was like to race with a target on his back.  

When Bersinger asked Rossi if his rivalry with former teammates reminded him of Hamilton versus Rosberg, he replied, “It seems very similar.

“They are more friends compared to me and (Jorge) Lorenzo because they raced together from the go-karts. But yes, it’s very similar. Two top riders with the best team.

Rossi and Hamilton together. Source:

“The problem is that you fight for the same goal. It’s not easy because everybody wants to win. It’s difficult because something happens on the track or in an interview with a journalist, the tension is very high.

“It is very difficult to don’t ever fight, like Nico and Lewis, for example.”


Rossi also explained his relationship with Hamilton, saying that he was a motorsport icon in his eyes.

“He’s incredible. His passion for motorsports, his passion for MotoGP, but in general, he’s very curious,” he said.

“I always text with him, ‘Wanna come to the ranch?’. He’s a good guy. 

When asked about what they text each other about, the Italian replied, “Just usually congratulations after the races or support, you know.”

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