Rossi reveals relationship with Hamilton – “I always text with him”

MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi revealed the nature of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, saying that the two racers shared a close one.

Rossi retired from MotoGP at the end of 2021, wrapping up an illustrious career. In his time at MotoGP, he won nine world championships and countless races. He is also a big F1 fan and is close friends with Hamilton.

The two racers are the GOATs of their respective sports, and have tons of respect for each other. They have even swapped rides as part of an event.

With the Mercedes’ driver also facing uncertainty regarding his career, Rossi revealed the nature of his relationship with Hamilton, saying it was a very close and wholesome one.

“He’s incredible. His passion for motorsports, his passion for MotoGP, but in general, he’s very curious,” Vale said.

“I always text with him, ‘Wanna come to the ranch’. He’s a good guy. Just usually congratulations after the races or support, you know.”

Hamilton (left) with Rossi (right). Source: Reuters

Sad to see him go

Back when Rossi announced his retirement, Hamilton revealed that he was dejected to see his favourite motorcycle racer hang up his helmet. He also recalled his best memories with the Italian maestro.

“It’s obviously sad to see him stop, but I think his drive, his approach, just everything he’s done has been incredible,” the British Knight said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“The passion he’s had for so long has shone through. He’s just such a legend, one of the greatest to ever do it if not the greatest to have done it.”

“It’ll just be sad not to be watching the races and seeing him ride in style as he usually does, but I think it’s a beautiful time for him also because he’s got a family now that he’s starting to build.

“I’m grateful I’ve had the privilege to share a really special day with him on track. I’ll always remember that,” he concluded.

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