George Russell asks FIA to allow ‘banned trick’ to solve Mercedes’ pre-season woes

Mercedes driver George Russell believes FIA needs to allow teams to use active suspensions once again this season.

The youngster feels this will solve the porpoising problems a number of teams have faced during pre-season testing in Barcelona.

A number of drivers could be seen bouncing up and down the straights when they tried their new cars out last week.

Due to lack of suspension, cars tend to rise off the track. This ends up kicking the underfloor aero into action and the car is pushed back into the ground. On straights, this gets more pronounced.

While most teams were facing this difficulty, McLaren seems to have come up with a solution.

By the looks of it, it is something that can easily be copied by rivals.

Russell goes old school

George Russell. Credit:

However, Russell has come up with his own solution in a plea to the FIA.

“We just saw with the Charles video just how bad it was for them,” the new Mercedes driver said in an interview with Autosport.

“So, I think we will need to find a solution.

“I guess if active suspension was there, it could be solved with a click of your fingers. And the cars would naturally be a hell of a lot faster if we had that.

“I’m sure all the teams are capable of that, so that could be one for the future. But let’s see in Bahrain. I’m sure the teams will come up with some smart ideas around this issue.”

Active suspensions have been banned since 1994

Since 1994, the use of active suspensions has been banned in F1.

“I think it’s clear if we had active suspension, the cars will be a hell of a lot faster for the same aerodynamic surfaces, because you’d be able to optimise the ride heights for every corner speed and optimise it down the straight for the least amount of drag,” Russell said.

“So, it’s an easy way to make the cars go faster. And if you think of a safety aspect, then potentially [it’s an improvement].

“I’m sure there’s more limitations. I’m not an engineer. But we wouldn’t have this issue down the straight, that’s for sure.”

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