Russell outlines primary desire to become world champion at Mercedes – “Until you are, it’s never enough”

New Mercedes driver George Russell outlined his desire to become world champion, saying that he will stop at nothing to win the big one.

Russell joined Mercedes in a high-profile move at the end of 2021. The upcoming 2022 season will be the biggest one of his life, as he will finally have a car that he can use to battle at the top of the standings.

Although he is the latest of the new breed of youngsters to make the move to a top team, it’s better late than never. However, it has been predicted that he would play second fiddle to his teammate and learn the ropes in his first season.

Nevertheless, Russell outlined his desire to become world champion, saying that he won’t stop until he clinches the trophy.

“Obviously I want to be a winner, I want to be a world champion and we spent the whole time at the back of the grid,” he said, as quoted by

“2020 was a stronger year but it wasn’t enough for us. 2021 was a stronger year but it was never enough.”

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Russell (pictured) in the Mercedes car. Source:

The sweet taste of victory

“When I got into Q2 for the first time, we celebrated a lot. When you do that a second and a third time, that wears off, you want to get to Q3,” the Englishman explained.  

“When you are in Q3, we celebrated a lot and we were excited. But then you want to be in Q3 at every other event, or every event. Until you are world champion, it’s never enough. 

“For me, obviously, if you were to give me a choice; would I prefer to be last or P10, I would say P10. But it’s not a linear progression. I’m still learning my trade and if I’m P10, I’m still not world champion, so I’m not overly fussed. 

“I’m more grateful to have been able to learn my trade, a bit under the radar, and being prepared as much as possible for when I do have a car that hopefully can help me achieve what I want to achieve,” he concluded.

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