Russell gets roasted by fans on Twitter after Mercedes hypes TikTok debut – “Valtteri era can’t be topped!”

Mercedes driver George Russell has had a positive start to the 2022 campaign. Even before his move to the Silver Arrows, Russell was touted as a future star and had quite a fan following.

His entry into one of the biggest constructors on the grid has only enhanced the rate at which his popularity soars.

Looking to make the most of a guy who clearly already has caught the imagination of fans, Mercedes decided to hype up Russell’s entry into social media platform TikTok.

Mercedes was quick to share Russell’s first attempt at a TikTok video by presenting it in front of its Twitter fanbase.

While Mercedes may well have been hoping to find raving reviews for Russell, the overwhelming sentiment among fans was that Russell still has a long way to go before topping former Silver Arrows driver Valtteri Bottas.

One user tweeted asking if Bottas had offered Russell any tips and tricks before his debut.

Another was quick to point out that Russell had indeed ‘learnt from the best’.

One fan was quick to point out how Bottas might be feeling after seeing the youngster follow in his footsteps at Mercedes.

Another top tweet summed up pretty much what was on pretty much everyone’s mind.

“Valtteri TikTok era can’t be topped,” Dawid said.

If Russell can replicate the sort of form he has displayed behind the wheels so far this season on TikTok, he may well be fetching many followers anyway!

Can Russell challenge for the title this year?

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Credit:

The Mercedes driver currently sits in second position, behind Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ standings this year.

Although Mercedes has been facing plenty of problems with regard to its speed, Russell insisted that pace is not everything.

“It doesn’t matter how fast the car is,” Russell said.

“If you don’t make it to the end, then you are not there to pick up the pieces.

It is just crazy to think [I am second in the championship]. Someone told me and I didn’t believe them!”

Do you think Russell will be able to continue this form throughout the season? Let us know in the comments.

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