Sainz calls for “deeper conversation” to be had regarding rules

Carlos Sainz called for a “deeper conversation” to be had regarding the rules of the sport.

Many drivers and teams have been left disappointed by the FIA’s recent decisions regarding races and other incidents. It has created a sour atmosphere in the paddock.

The main sore point is the inconsistency regarding the penalties handed. For incidents which are very common, they hand out penalties, and for incidents that are blatant penalties, they turn a blind eye.

With the FIA’s reputation in tatters, the whole concept of rules and a rulebook is slightly out the window.

Sainz called for a “deeper conversation” to be had regarding the rules, and urged the FIA to begin a dialogue immediately.

“In terms of racing approach, it’s not very clear still,” he said, as quoted by Planet F1.

“I think you’ve heard us already talk about this because we don’t know exactly what is going to happen race by race.

“But as I said to the media, it looks like in the winter there’s going to be a deeper conversation about the way that we go racing that hopefully should clarify things a bit more.”

Not problematic at all

FIA Race Director Michael Masi remained stubborn regarding the issue, and said that every rule and every decision is made with perfect objectivity.

“We’ve given them some overall guidance, but also been very clear on the fact that each and every case will be judged on its merits,” he said.

“Everyone tries to sort of blanket incidents and say, that’s all the same, and that’s all the same, but they’re not.

“The analysis that goes into each and every incident is exactly that, having a look at all the circumstances on the day,” he concluded.

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