Drive to Survive is set to come out with a third season.
Drive to Survive is set to release on March 19, 2021.

Carlos Sainz was left disappointed with how Drive to Survive portrayed Ferrari, saying they are a lot more prominent than what the show made them seem like.

Ferrari had an abysmal season in 2020, and Season 3 of DTS naturally displayed their struggles. At the time, Sainz was racing for McLaren in his last season, with his departure to Ferrari confirmed.

Moving to Ferrari is a dream for any driver. At the US GP, when asked why a DTS viewer should support Ferrari, the Spaniard insisted that Ferrari were different to what the show made of them.

Sainz revealed that he was disappointed with how Drive to Survive portrayed Ferrari, saying they made a show of their struggles.

“The season 3 episode about Ferrari is not so great, and I was relatively disappointed when I watched it because Ferrari is a lot cooler, a lot bigger, a lot better, than how it appears (in that episode),” Sainz told GQ, as quoted by

“We were just going through a rough patch, and I think all great teams in every single sport go through difficult years. And now we are on our way back up.

Sainz (pictured) insisted Ferrari are a lot better than what DTS made them out to be. Source:

“We are doing everything we can to make this team great again and champions again, and I think we have a really good team atmosphere going on with Charles (Leclerc) and the engineers, and we are a serious contender for the future.

“And I mean, it’s Ferrari – who doesn’t like Ferrari in normal life?” he concluded.

Tifoso forever

Sainz’s teammate Leclerc was asked the same question, and the Monegasque proceeded to explain their legendary status and how they are a mainstay of the sport.

“For me, Ferrari is the most iconic team ever in Formula 1 – they’ve achieved so much and have been there from the beginning,” he said.

“They’re such an incredible team, and have had most of the legends of the sport.”

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