Sainz responds to media calling him a hard worker – “I think it’s mostly talent”

Carlos Sainz responded to the media calling him a hard worker, saying that there is another trait they are ignoring.

When the conversation shifts to who the brightest talent in F1 is, Sainz’s name does not pop up immediately. The Spaniard is a very underrated driver despite stellar showings at McLaren and a great debut season in Ferrari.

One of the most consistent point-scorers on the grid, the Smooth Operator is unfortunately not part of the aforementioned conversations. There should ideally be more respect for his name, something he agrees with himself.

Sainz responded to the media calling him a hard worker, and criticised them for not including talent with their compliments.

When asked by AS if it is about talent or hard work for him, the Ferrari driver replied, “Let’s see how I answer…no matter how much work you put in, if you don’t have talent you don’t do a fast lap in qualifying.

“That’s why I think it’s mostly talent, and the rest I put in with work. But you would be surprised how much work other drivers put in. Maybe they don’t talk so much, or I have a reputation for hard work and not talent. I don’t know why.

“People who have to take me into account, take me into account. And if not, ask Charles (Leclerc) or Lando (Norris), who have seen my telemetry, my data, or even team bosses where I have worked and competed.

Carlos Sainz in action for Ferrari in Abu Dhabi. 2021 December
Sainz (pictured) deserves more recognition. Source:

“There, as they know what I am capable of, they would value me very highly. I don’t know, it’s something I try not to think about, because those who know me know what’s out there.”


“It’s another thing if I’m heavier, or if I put in more hours, but that doesn’t mean I work more, it’s just the quality of the work,” he continued.

“All I’m saying is that without talent, no matter how fast you go you won’t do fast laps in Formula 1.

“Then you can twist what I say…but it seems I’ve got the reputation of being a hard worker, that I only go fast because I work. But you don’t adapt to a car so quickly without talent.”

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