Schumacher discusses relationship with Mazepin and Steiner – “We’re not the only ones with such issues”

Haas driver Mick Schumacher discussed his relationship with teammate Nikita Mazepin and boss Guenther Steiner, saying both were really good.

Schumacher completed his rookie season with the team. He was quickly thrust into the spotlight and had to foster relationships with those around him.

There have been plenty of reports suggesting bust-ups between everyone at Haas. This was reported to have stemmed from lacklustre results and poor performances on track.

However, Schumacher discussed his relationship with Mazepin and Steiner, saying they were better than what they were made out to be.

“I think it’s probably blown out of proportion in some ways,” Schumacher told Crash.Net.

Haas driver Mick Schumacher points something out to Nikita Mazepin. Silverstone May 2021
Schumacher (right) with Mazepin (left). Source:

“Obviously, I think that every teammate out there is competitive. I think we are not the only ones having these kind of issues but probably they’ve been more public with us.

“But yeah, overall, I think we do work together on that side and we try to aim for the same goal, which is obviously moving ahead and trying to improve ourselves in the sport.”

Bosses it

With regard to his relationship with Steiner, the German rookie said, “Usually he’s very open for jokes.

“That’s one of the things that I had to get used to probably, that he’s so open for some jokes.

“Sometimes I don’t understand them; he always says that I’m German and that I don’t understand it. No, but it’s been great.

“Obviously we’ve had our moments but I think in general it’s been great.”

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