Schumacher thanks Hamilton for invaluable advice – “He’s always been very open”

Haas driver Mick Schumacher gave his thanks to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton for his advice, saying he was always there for him when he needed help.

Schumacher completed his rookie season in 2021. Although he did not score any points, he showed promise and pace, and impressed fans with his abilities.

His ability to remain calm in the tensest situations earned him praise from fellow drivers and pundits. However, being new to the sport, there are many thing he is yet to learn.

As a result, Schumacher gave his thanks to Hamilton for his advice and help, and hailed him for being a great driver and person.

“Yeah definitely, he’s always been very open to giving advice to help me in the position I was in,” the German told, as quoted by

“Also, already back in the day, when my dad wasn’t with Mercedes anymore, I did get the chance to come to a few races and see him there.

Hamilton (left) with Schumacher (right) on the grid. Source: Mercedes

“It’s been definitely nice knowing that when he had time he was able to talk to me about certain things. Those conversations are obviously private. Some of it is related to racing but most of it is just on a friendly basis.”

Generations collide

Schumacher also commented on what it felt like being from another era of drivers to compete with the very best in the business.

“Thinking that they raced two generations, it must be surreal for them too,” the son of Michael Schumacher said.

“It must make them feel….Like they’ve been in the sport for quite a while. Unfortunately it was not as much battling as I would like it to be.

“But hopefully, some of them are going to be there next year, so hopefully I can repay the favour and get to battle with them again.”

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