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Ralf Schumacher has disapproved of Mercedes’ treatment of Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton was extensively defended by Mercedes after what happened at Silverstone. There, he collided with title rival Max Verstappen and sent him into the barriers. Whether he did it on purpose or by accident is still debatable. ‘

However, Schumacher believes there can be a different way of doing things, and that is to tell Hamilton the hard truth. He disapproved of Mercedes’ treatment of Hamilton in this regard, and stated that he is not special to warrant it.

In an interview with F1 Insider, Schumacher said, “I find the thin skin of the Mercedes front men particularly interesting when Lewis was criticised.

Schumacher surprised by Mercedes call: Lewis is not a monarch
Ralf Schumacher accused Mercedes of protecting Lewis Hamilton after Silverstone. Source: gpblog.com

“It doesn’t matter what and how many titles someone has, we are all human, mistakes can be made. For me it was a mistake by Lewis, which of course had big consequences for Red Bull. I feel bad that you can’t talk about it openly.

“Lewis is not a monarch, he is still a human being who goes to the toilet like the rest of us,” he said.


The second half of the season is set to begin, and Schumacher predicts they will clash again. According to him, their rivalry is too intense to let one go past the other.

“The two will clash more often because neither wants to give way. The question that comes to my mind is first of all: what has Red Bull been able to do during the summer break?” he asked.

Mercedes have the momentum heading into the Belgian GP, but it would be foolish to write Red Bull off. The Milton-Keynes outfit has had the pace to match or beat Mercedes for most of the season.

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  1. Hahahaha, what a joke, was he blind when his big brother drove into rivals to try and win world championships? talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!

  2. Is this guy a joke or what The only reason merc got so punchy in there defense of hamilton is because Red Bull behaved like an idiot parent of a child that got fouled in a football game.

    RedBull are blowing so much smoke up Verstappen’s ass that when he came out second best in a 1v1 situation they lost their mind and started a campaign of defamation against Hamilton which resulted in the loyal Merc team stepping in to protect a team member who was key to a run of 7 world constructor championships.

    Verstappen is one of the most entitled drivers out there who drives like everyone else is just an annoyance to be pushed out of the way.

    I for one cant wait for this prick to come up against Alonso, leclerc or Russel in future in competitive cars and see how they turn on those drivers for daring to be in the way of king Verstappen’s ascension.

  3. Ralph was the runner up to his brother and no one will remember him but for his brother. He is just upset that Lewis may get 8 titles. What a clown.

  4. LH driving style is way less arrogant and agressive compared with other F1 drivers. I do completely understand the bitterness and pain caused by someone that holds 7 championships! All the best

  5. You just don’t go matching the WDC record by just treating someone as a king … Plus even if that is the case, Michael had all Ferrari around him, even the same Barrichello – Bottas helper. Not to mention on 97 when his brother was taken all his points for trying to take Villueneve out in japan, or when he blocked the final round of the qually in 2005 Monaco … should I go on?. Being in the top spot is hard, period, so you either fight in the field for it or cry like a baby. MAx should know that, is the way the sport goes. Alonso fought his way on 2005 to dethrone Michael not by complaining to the stewards, but racing wheel to wheel. So did Kimi in 2007, so did Ham on 2008, or Vettel between 2010 and 13. MAx wanna be WDC, he needs still to show consistency, bones, and more than everything attitude. The rest is just a crying baby …


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