Corinna Schumacher primed “to start a new life” in Majorca after finalising deal for plush mansion

Legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s family is set to seal the deal on a new property in the Spanish island of Majorca, where all four members will spend the winter months.

Michael is struggling with his health and his family has looked to ensure that this remains a private affair with little information reaching the public about his progress.

However, Michael along with his wife Corinna Schumacher and their two children Mick and Gina Maria are all set to relocate to a lavish £27 million mansion.

German magazine Die Bunte has reported the location of this property, which is near the town of Port Andratx on the island’s west coast.

The move was reportedly led by Corinna, who has ‘big plans’ to provide the best physical environment for Michael to return to full fitness.

The property is named Villa Yasmin and was previously owned by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Two swimming pools, a massive garden, a helipad, a guest villa and a nearby horse ranch are just some of the attractions at this mansion.

Michael will also naturally get all his medical equipment set up, having reportedly visited the location via helicopter in the lead up to the purchase.

Any updates on Michael Schumacher’s health?

Michael Schumacher. Credit:

Further, the family has spent £2.3m to buy a plot of land near the location, but what purpose they use it for remains to be seen.

For all these positive developments around the Schumacher family’s winter home, Michael’s personal health largely remains a mystery ever since he suffered a horrific injury while skiing in the French Alps.

The seven-time world champion always kept his personal life out of the purview of the public even when he was a racer.

His family has respected this decision of his and have been tight-lipped on any developments concerning his health ever since the accident.

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