Schumacher responds to speculation linking him away from Haas – “It would be nice to sit in a Ferrari”

Haas driver Mick Schumacher responded to the Ferrari links surrounding him, saying it was a goal, but not an immediate one.

Schumacher has some Ferrari roots. The driver is the son of Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher, and has been tipped to make the move to the team since he joined F1.

The German is also Ferrari reserve driver, something that is seen by fans as the first step towards a potential Prancing Horse seat. Until then, he will be racing for Haas, and will hope that he has a car that allows him to showcase all his abilities.

However, Schumacher responded to the Ferrari links surrounding him, saying his current focus was to give it all for Haas.

“It would be nice to sit in a Ferrari one day, but my main focus is clearly on Haas,” he told Sky Sport Germany, as quoted by

“Nevertheless, if they need support, of course I’m there.

Schumacher (pictured) is tipped to make a move to Ferrari. Source: Haas

“My goal is to be as far ahead as possible with Haas. What happens in the future remains to be seen. Hopefully I can show myself well at Haas, then it will go in the right direction.”

Positive direction

“I know how the car has developed compared to last year,” the rookie explained.

“So from my experience last year, I know how to approach corners to get through quickly. I can prepare myself mentally for that.

“The car will be stiffer, it will be more jerky for us drivers to drive. This will change the driving style a lot. You have to get used to that again.” “I already changed from 13- to 18-inch tyres once in Formula 2. I know what to expect.

“All the teams are set a bit to zero by the new rules. Hopefully we’ll have a bit of a head start because we started earlier with the changeover and preparation,” he concluded.

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