Sebastian Vettel finally vents frustrations – “I can’t believe it, it can’t be”

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel may have just lodged his best result of the season in Azerbaijan, but he had to contend with another frustrating outing in Canada.

The German driver was eliminated in the first phase of qualifying for the third time this season and he was left visibly frustrated.

While the surface was dry, Aston Martin looked pretty good. Vettel was actually just six-tenths of a second adrift of Max Verstappen when conditions did make his tyres skid.

“I can’t believe it. That can’t be. What was that? It was so different to this morning, so different,” Vettel said over the radio.

“I had no grip. It felt like the rear left was broken, man.”

He confessed that Aston Martin has a lot of work to do if it wants to be competitive during the main event.

“Yeah, very frustrating because we had so much pace and we have no idea where it went,” Vettel said after qualifying.

“It’s probably still somewhere but yeah, that was a surprise.

“I had very low grip and, I mean, given how the car felt, it wasn’t a surprise we were that slow. 

“But obviously we didn’t change anything from this morning, not much, and it was shocking.

“So, very difficult to drive. A lot of sliding, very poor rear so we need to have a look, something clearly didn’t work.”

Vettel prefers to remain optimistic

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

Speaking about his own fortunes this season, Vettel pointed to how he needs to remain optimistic.

“[I’m] always optimistic,” he said.  

“But yeah, let’s see. I mean, we had some good pace yesterday. And if we find whatever what was wrong, then I think we should be back to the normal place.

“So, it puts us on the back foot because we start further back. But hey, it’s not the first race we would come back.”

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