Sebastian Vettel has been ‘kicked out of’ Aston Martin meetings multiple times ahead of F1 swansong

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has opened up on soon-to-retire driver Sebastian Vettel’s behaviour which has forced them to kick him out of the office on more than one occasion this season.

The four-time world champion has continued his quest to learn as much about the car and be as active in terms of team strategising that even the owners have asked him to step out and take a breather.

Vettel will soon bow out of the sport after an illustrious career, even though things may not have quite panned out the way he liked in the second half of his tenure in the sport.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be his final race in the sport after racking up four titles and 53 races.

With their swansong just around the corner, it is typical for drivers to stop focusing as much on the racing element, but Vettel has continued to push his limits.

this is at a time when he knows that Aston Martin is unlikely to be in the hunt for a win or even a podium finish.

Krack has observed a burning light in Vettel even during these times and believes it is a testament to his character.

Krack impressed with Vettel’s passion

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

Asked if this is the best he has seen from Vettel in terms of pure racing ability in his time at Aston Martin, Krack offered positive feedback.

“Probably yes,” he said.

“I think he gained from the better performance [of the car] or the better results. It added a little bit more to his motivation.

“And it’s really nice to see him work. I think we had to kick him out of the office [on Friday night in Mexico, otherwise, he would have still been there, studying data, looking at where you can change things.

“So he’s not on a farewell, this I can tell you for sure. He really wants to do well. He wants to bring us forward and bring his part to finish the season in the best possible place.”

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