Sebastian Vettel melts hearts with public love letter to wife Hanna Prater – “I won the most important race”

Sebastian Vettel made a practice of not using social media all that much throughout his racing days, but the former F1 driver has now sent his fan base into raptures with his latest Instagram post that shows his romantic side.

The recently-retired Aston Martin driver won four world championships during his time in the sport with Red Bull.

Sebastian vettel. Credit:
Sebastian vettel. Credit:

His long-term fans will remember his message during the time when he was at the pinnacle of his racing abilities – ‘There is still a race to win’.

It epitomised his spirit and seriousness when it came to displaying his abilities behind the wheel.

It appears like that particular phrase is what he based his social media message on, as he penned an emotional love letter to his wife Hanna Prater.

Vettel’s love note said: “I won the most important race. It was the race into the heart of the love of my life, Hanna. I love you.”

It contained pictures of both Hanna and Seb in their younger days back when Vettel was very much at the top of the world of motorsport racing.

Now that he has retired, fans fondly remember the greater social messages that Vettel looked to impart during his time in the sport.

The second half of his career may not have panned out ideally on the track, but Vettel endeared himself to fans who rate him as one of the finest personalities to have graced the sport.

The German driver may have split fans during his reign at the peak of the sport, but he gradually transitioned into becoming one of the most likeable personalities on the track even when the chips were down.

This post will undoubtedly melt the hearts of fans who have grown to respect Vettel for the person he is and his steady relationship with wife Hanna only adds to his aura as the ‘nice guy’ in F1.

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