Sebastian Vettel teases comeback with F1 team keen on making splash to bring legendary driver out of retirement

Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has once again teased fans about the potential of making a return to the sport, having made a shock retirement at the end of the 2022 season.

Vettel won all four of his world titles while driving for Red Bull over a decade ago, and while his results were not up to scratch in the second-half of his career, there was little doubt about his ability behind the wheel.

Sebastian Vettel. Credit:
Sebastian Vettel. Credit:

It is important to note that Vettel is just 36 years old and a lot younger than the driver who replaced him at Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso. While the work put in by Vettel didn’t see him reap the benefits, it did augur well for the team and Alonso, who had eight podium finishes last season.

Vettel had retired on the premise of wanting to spend more time with his family and focus on sustainability and environmental issues. however, his love for racing is still very much intact and he also believes that he can put in a good shift if the right opportunity presents itself.

Speaking about how a number of former drivers have initially said that they have no interest in making a comeback, only to go back on their words and feature for an F1 team, Vettel said that he will not make the same mistake.

“I think it’s something that if you asked all of them, probably some of them would have said, ‘No’, and some of them, ‘I don’t know’, but in the end all of them came back, so I can’t exclude it,” Vettel said.

“It probably will depend much on when, and obviously it’s not endless, because at 36 it’s not like, ‘Yeah, in 10 years’ time, maybe I think about it’, then time has passed.

“It will depend on the challenge, whatever, but it’s not in my head right now. I’m enjoying the sort of outlook of the challenge of what to do next.”

Audi will soon enter the fray in 2026 and may see great value in the expertise of Vettel, who is known to be a keen student of the sport, relaying plenty of important feedback to his engineers.

Vettel believes that he is still fit enough to feature in a gruelling F1 campaign, barring his neck strength, which is something he will need to work on to ensure he can handle the extreme G-force.

“Yeah, but because I want to, not because I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to come back’, or if somebody falls out I’m going to [replace them], not because of that,” he said.

“I guess my neck [strength] is not up to speed, no, it can’t be, but everything else is pretty good, I would say.”

F1 fans will undoubtedly be excited at the prospect of seeing Vettel feature once again and with Audi’s imminent arrival, it could be the perfect moment for the legendary German driver to make a comeback.

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