Sebastian Vettel makeover takes F1 Twitter by storm for ‘looking 20 years younger’ just one month after F1 exit

Sebastian Vettel was a very popular driver during his years in F1, having just retired from the sport at the end of last season.

A four-time World Champion, Vettel dominated the sport from 2010 to 2013, winning back-to-back championships and solidifying his place as one of the greatest drivers of his generation.

Vettel’s incredible talent and dedication earned him a legion of fans and a reputation as a formidable competitor on the track.

Despite his success, Vettel is now absent from the Formula 1 grid after ending a forgettable stint at Aston Martin.

But recently, a new photo of Vettel has surfaced online, showing a new look for the German driver.

With a trimmed beard and a fresh haircut, Vettel appears to have taken on a new persona, and fans are eager to see what this means for his future.

The photo of Vettel, smiling and looking refreshed, has taken the internet by storm. The photo of Vettel, smiling, was uploaded on social media with a “Thanx for the chat champ! Keep em curls flowing until next time” caption.

From his winning smile to his flowing curls, Vettel’s new look has captured the imagination of fans everywhere, and they can’t wait to see what’s next for the former champion.

Here are some of the best reactions:

Whether he’s back in the sport or not, Sebastian Vettel remains one of the most beloved and respected figures in Formula 1, and fans around the world will be watching closely to see what the future holds for this iconic driver.

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