Andreas Seidl has issued a sharp reality check to McLaren, saying there are still some way away from the championship leaders.

McLaren is on an absolute roll at the moment. First they took a staggering 1-2 finish, the first of the season, and their first in many years. The next race saw Lando Norris lead most of it until a calamitous error from the team saw him drop to seventh. Daniel Ricciardo saved their blushes by taking P4, maintaining their good points-scoring.

McLaren sit in P3 in the Constructors’ Championship, 17.5 points ahead of rivals Ferrari. However, Seidl issued a sharp reality check to McLaren, saying there is still work to be done.

“We are building this up together, we are learning from the mistakes that are happening, and I think that’s what you see in terms of results,” Seidl said, as quoted by

McLaren still has deficits ‘in all areas’ – Seidl
Seidl warned McLaren not to get ahead of themselves despite great recent form. Source:

“I think we – in spite of what happened at the end of the race – we have a race team that is sometimes spot on with the strategy, with tyres calls during the race, so I am very happy with the progress we are making.

“But, of course, in terms of the teams that are ahead of us in the championship, we still have deficits in I would say all areas, and that’s why it’s important after a weekend like in Monza or the pole position, the first thing you have to do is analyse what you could have done better because there’s always something you could have done better.

“The moment you are satisfied with what you have achieved is the start of the decline, so that’s how we approach it,” he explained.

Great progress

“It’s important in this sport to keep the respect up of all the competitors as well and simply keep learning and again with everything I keep seeing in the team,” Seidl said.

“I’m very happy, very confident that once we have everything in place that we need on our journey, we’ll be in a position to fight Red Bull and Mercedes again regularly.

“And obviously it’s great to see that already now occasionally depending on the tracks as well, we are able to fight for pole positions and for the race win,” he concluded.

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