Seidl slams Red Bull for accusing Mercedes – “No spicy engine around”

Andreas Seidl slammed Red Bull for accusing Mercedes of cheating with their engines, saying that they found nothing wrong with them.

Mercedes discovered an extra dose of pace during the second half of the season. They were the best team on the grid and were faster than everyone else, including their rivals Red Bull.

This was protested by the Milton-Keynes outfit, who argued that the German team’s engine was illegal. However, that would have meant the teams who use Mercedes engines were also breaking the rules, something the McLaren boss took exception to.

Seidl slammed Red Bull for accusing Mercedes of cheating with their engines, saying that there was nothing wrong with what the team supplied.

As reported by, the McLaren team boss said, “When I look into the data, and we compare the data from other teams, I don’t see that there was ever an extraordinary spicy engine around.

Seidl (pictured) is happy with Mercedes and their engines. Source: Getty Images

“I guess that’s a question for (Mercedes team principal) Toto (Wolff). What does that wording actually mean? In the end, we were happy with what we got supplied the entire year from Mercedes. It is clear that it’s the same for every power unit manufacturer.”

Perfectly legal

Seidl also expressed his confusion regarding Red Bull’s complaints, saying that if it really was illegal, multiple teams would have come under investigation.

“Whenever you install a new engine compared to one that is high mileage, there is a difference in terms of power because of the natural degradation engines are having,” he explained.

“That can cost some tenths. I see the same throughout the grid. But I don’t see anything spectacular or particular there on teams or power unit manufacturers.”

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