Sergio Perez warns “facts will come out” about budget overspend as penalty looms large on Red Bull

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has warned that “the facts will come out” amidst the impending discussions between FIA and Red Bull regarding the team’s budget cap breach last season.

According to FIA regulations, a team will only be considered to have caused a “minor breach” if they overspend on the budget by 5% or $7.25 million.

It is believed that Red Bull spent approximately $2 million more than the budget, with the team arguing that a big chunk of this went towards the “free lunches” it offered its entire staff.

Now, Perez has spoken about what has become the hottest topic of debate in recent weeks, especially since Red Bull has dominated with performances in the current season.

“We believe that we are in line and we believe that everything will come up in the right situation,” said Perez.

“I think, obviously, I will leave it down to my team to solve that together with the FIA.”

However, rivals do not quite believe it is as straightforward as Perez thinks.

Zak Brown accuses Red Bull of cheating

Zak Brown. Credit:

Recently, McLaren boss Zak Brown accused Red Bull of cheating in a letter sent to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

Since then, an “accepted breach agreement” has been floated by FIA to Red Bull following behind closed doors conversations between the two parties.

However, many rivals believe that if FIA simply allows Red Bull to get away with this, it will not be doing justice to other teams and will set the wrong precedent.

Brown doesn’t believe there is any great animosity between the teams though.

“At the end of the day there are always teams that want to take performance out of you, especially when you are winning,” he said.

“It is part of the sport and this has been forever. I just think it is just a normal situation and at the end of the day, facts will come out and people will be able to see and understand the situation.”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton urged the FIA to be far more critical in its approach as well. You can read all about that in the link below.

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