Several F1 cars are more than 10 kg over permissible FIA limit

Several F1 cars this year are “at least 10 kilograms heavier than the permissible limit”, according to a report emerging from Germany.

The new minimum weight needs to be met for teams to be allowed to compete during the season and although there is still some time before the first race takes place, these teams have a considerable job on their hands.

Auto Motor und Sport has quoted an unnamed team boss saying, “I asked around. Some of the cars are two digits above the minimum weight.”

This year, Formula 1 cars will need to be above 795 kg, which is a 43 kg increase compared to last season.

You may be wondering why the cars are still heavier given the relaxed weight requirements.

This is largely due to the fact that the addition of 18-inch wheels from Pirelli are significantly heavier than last year. Apart from this, teams had to also keep in mind structural changes in the chassis of the car to improve safety for drivers onboard.

Stricter crash tests by FIA will be implemented by the FIA this year which has prompted this change and made cars heavier.

Different challenge this year

Mercedes W13. Credit:

In previous years, teams were often required to add weight before the start of the campaign as they would generally try to keep the car as light as possible to enhance performance and get the best lap time.

However, the report claims that the exact opposite has transpired at a number of team garages this year.

It is worth noting that making alterations at this stage will also have an impact on budgets that the teams have to operate in.

Lando Norris had spoken about how the McLaren he tried at pre-season testing in Barcelona felt more “sluggish” than the cars he has driven in previous seasons.

Ferrari’s head of chassis project engineering, Fabio Montecchi spoke about why such a situation has emerged ahead of the 2022 season.

“These objectives often conflicted with each other, so it was necessary to find the best compromise to optimise overall performance,” he said.

“Often the goals of car weight and aerodynamic performance have come into conflict. In those moments it’s important not to lose sight of how well the car performs.”

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