Sister of imprisoned man writes emotional letter to Hamilton – “Save my brother’s life”

The sister of an imprisoned man wrote an emotional letter to Lewis Hamilton, begging him to deliver justice for her innocent sibling.

Zeinab Abu Al-Kheir saw Hamilton declare in Qatar that it was the duty of F1 to spread awareness on and take stands for the good. His human rights activism has been a source of inspiration to many, and now it could help save someone in grief.

Zeinab’s brother Hussein is the one who is imprisoned by the Saudi Arabian government. She claimed he was falsely detained without any solid charges.

The sister of the imprisoned man wrote an emotional letter to Hamilton, and pleaded with him to talk about her brother.

In a letter shared exclusively with the AP and as quoted by sportsnet, Zeinab wrote from her house in Canada, “Dear Lewis, I’m writing to you in the hope that can save my brother’s life.

“Just saying his name while you are in Saudi Arabia may be enough.”

hamilton (pictured) has been approached with an overwhelming task. Source: Getty Images

Last hope

The letter also talks about what led to the infamous imprisonment, and why she was seeking Hamilton’s help.

“A famous man like Hamilton can do something, he can talk with the prince (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman), the minister of interior or even with King Salman (ruler of Saudi Arabia),” she wrote.

“People like Hamilton bring attention to the governments everywhere.”

“For 12 days, my brother told the officers the truth: that he knew nothing about the pills. They suspended him from the ceiling, upside down, and beat him on every part of his body. The torture was so severe that even a year later, we could see the marks. Eventually, he falsely admitted to trafficking the drugs.”

“They said they have stopped the death (from) beheading since almost one year. But there is nobody who knows what they are doing (inside the prison).”

The woman even wrote to King Salman asking for leniency. “I tried all the ways to help my brother, to save his life,’” she told The AP. “I always give him hope, to see his kids and wife.”

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