Sky Sports production gets berated by fans for pre-season video fail – “It’s not a game show!”

Sky Sports has enjoyed exclusive television rights of F1 in many parts of the world in recent times, with its deal in the UK stretching as far back as 2012.

As is the case when any sporting event is emerging, media production houses are tedious in their efforts to put together a nice trailer to whet the appetite of fans.

However, it appears like Sky may not have got it absolutely right, with many fans left far from happy with the commercial.

Sky recently confirmed its decision to part ways with pundits Johnny Herbert and Paul di Resta from its 2023 lineup and perhaps controversially left Ted Kravitz.

Kravitz had, of course, been at the centre of a lot of negative publicity last year when he claimed that Lewis Hamilton had been robbed an eighth world championship by Max Verstappen.

F1 will continue to be exclusive Sky property for foreseeable future

Regardless of the absence of Herbert and di Resta, Sky still boasts a formidable squad and one would expect that given that the sport is on pay-TV.

In fact, Sky signed an extension to its original deal which means F1 will be shown exclusively on its network till 2029 in UK and 2027 in other countries, such as, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said, “Formula 1 has seen huge growth in recent years, and I can’t think of a better partner to continue to reach our fans with dedicated, expert and in-depth coverage.

“Sky not only brings fans live coverage but a range of behind-the-scenes access and content that brings F1 to life. We are hugely excited about the future of the partnership and the journey of Formula 1.”

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