Song featuring Daniel Ricciardo makes top-100 list of 2021

A song featuring McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has made the top-100 list of 2021, with it being another feather in the cap of the Honey Badger.

Ricciardo is a big fan of music, and has made no secret of it. He frequently shares his favourite tracks and compositions on his social media accounts with his fans, and hives his opinions on them.

Recently, he featured in Sydney Indie band Gang of Youths’ latest song. He was credited by them for playing the percussion bit in the song upon its release. It was ranked #57 on Triple J’s list of the top-100 songs of 2021, receiving over 2.5 million votes to take the place.

This will be big news for the former Red Bull driver, who will no doubt be pleased with the musical recognition Gang of Youths received.

As reported by Planet F1, Ricciardo was featured in the GQ magazine recently. In an interview with them, he revealed how important music was to his life, and how he turns to the avenue of song to help him prepare before a Grand Prix.

“Music is that one constant feature before every race to keep me focused, stay relaxed, keep energized and stay loose. It’s weird how music can help me block out noise before the race,” he said.

Ricciardo (pictured) is a big fan of music. Source: Reuters

Facing the music

Ricciardo received a reality check in 2021 when he contested the most difficult season of his career. His results were not on the levels he has displayed throughout his career. On a personal level, he didn’t have the best of years either.

He couldn’t visit his family in Australia due to the strict lockdown rules imposed by the Australian government. He expressed his sadness with the whole situation, saying it affected him a bit on the track.

“I wouldn’t say it affects me in the act of driving. But particularly when maybe it doesn’t go well, it definitely has an effect because all you want is some of that support and family love. And also when it doesn’t go well, you can also feel very lonely,” he said.

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