Sources at Sky confirm bad news for F1 fans ahead of season finale in Abu Dhabi

Sources at Sky have all but confirmed that it is next to impossible for the company to allow the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi on free-to-air basis. It will, as a result, remain exclusive to only those who have a Sky subscription.

The season is now well and truly grinding towards a fantastic end. Max Verstappen currently leads Lewis Hamilton by 8 points.

However, the remaining two races will present the British driver with a realistic opportunity of overhauling Verstappen, especially if his recent form, or Mercedes’ ‘rocket engine‘ is anything to go by.

We have already discussed what happens if the season ends in a tie, so you may want to check that out here.

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The teams will first head to Saudi Arabia, where they will participate at the Jeddah Circuit. Hamilton will be hoping that he can once again show his experience and fashion out a victory here.

Rumours of free-to-air false

With things so tight at the top of the table, many fans were hopeful that the final race of the season, scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi, would be broadcast free of cost across Sky and Channel 4.

However, all these rumours have been put to bed after Sky released the following statement in an interview with

“The race is unlikely to be free to air on December 12th. Highlights will be available on Channel 4 as always.”

Sky has stated in its official schedule that the coverage will begin on Sky F1 before moving to Sky Sports Main Event just ahead of the start of the race. The defining day of the championship, which is also going to be its last, is Sunday 12th December.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix can be viewed on Sky, with coverage starting on the 3rd of December.

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