Sports coach highlights biggest difference between Hamilton and Verstappen – “Max is stronger”

Sports coach Dr. Ricciardo Ceccarelli highlighted the difference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, saying that they operate very differently mentally.

Dr. Ceccarelli is the founder of Formula Medicine, which is a sports medicine centre that deals with athletes’ physical and mental well-being.

Hamilton and Verstappen are the championship protagonists this season, and they have been praised by fans for having two very different approaches to everything they do. This includes their pedigree, with the Dutchman hunting for his first title and his rival gunning for his eighth.

Everybody knows the lifestyle, driving styles and personality differences between the pair. However, what is less known is about how they think and operate. The sports coach highlighted the difference between Hamilton and Verstappen on that front.

“In my opinion, mentally Max is little bit stronger than Lewis,” Dr. Ceccarelli told the F1 Nation podcast.

“Max is the kind of character who is only focused on himself. He has huge self-confidence. Lewis is just looking for external support. He’s that kind of person. You can see by the team radio how much he talks. He is looking for security, asking what the strategy is. Max never does this.

Lewis Hamilton and his physio Angela Cullen. Brazil November 2021
Hamilton (facing) tried to seek support, something Verstappen does not. Source:

Or he (Lewis) is trying to have the support of the people, the fans. We saw with the Brazilian flag, And he has a physio who is always with him. Nobody knows who the physio is for Max.

“Lewis is the one that needs to create a familiar environment that will protest him. Max is the type of driver who doesn’t need anyone around him. He needs himself.”

Pressure building

The Italian doctor explained that he felt Hamilton was the one under more pressure than Verstappen this season.

“They are two different people, so we have to respect how they are,” he said.

“Lewis has an advantage in that he has won already seven World Championships. But at the same time, he hasn’t often faced such tough competition.

“On the other side, Max is willing to win because it will be his first championship. But probably, I’m going against what most people think, he has less pressure because he is young and has more opportunities in the future,” he concluded.

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