Sprint races ‘can get scrapped’ with teams far from impressed with early results

According to reports, sprint races could be cancelled in 2022 due to teams clashing over the budget cap.

F1 is set on hosting six sprint races in the upcoming season, up from three in 2021. However, the idea is yet to be finalised, with only the discussions regarding financial matters left to be resolved.

The budget cap implemented into the sport is playing into the troubles. Last year, the teams were granted relaxations of $150,000 per sprint race, with an added $100,000 per event should a car be damaged in an accident. However, with six sprints set to be raced, teams have started to get cold feet.

As a result, sprint races could end up being cancelled in 2022, with the results of voting not looking favourable for the idea.

According to Motorsport.com, the strict budget cap has not been well-received by the bigger teams, who have held off their vote of confidence in sprint races. Without their votes, the idea would get scrapped.

Monza sprint qualifying. September Monza 2021
Sprint races could be absent in 2022. Source: planetf1.com

Don’t hold your breath

McLaren CEO Zak Brown is in the hesitant camp, saying that the majority of the grid will not be too keen on having sprint races under a tight budget.

“We all have the same challenge,” he said.

“If you do happen to have more incidents, that’s the same problem we all have. And to me that’s part of the sport. It is dealing with challenges: not I just want to solve it by getting my chequebook out.

“One team in particular wanted a $5 million budget cap increase, which was just ridiculous, and had no rational facts behind it. Then, when you challenge those facts, they go, ‘but you need to anticipate things just in case’. So you just sit there and you go: ‘That is just nonsense.’ They could get scrapped”

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