Steiner accuses FIA of favouritism towards Hamilton – “We wouldn’t have gotten away with it”

Guenther Steiner accused the FIA of showing favouritism towards Lewis Hamilton, saying that the same treatment isn’t afforded to teams like his.

Hamilton got into an incident during FP3 at the Saudi Arabian GP weekend. There, the seven-time world champion found himself on the racing line when he was not supposed to, and caused danger to Haas driver Nikita Mazepin.

The quick reactions of the Russian rookie prevented what could have been a bad accident. While the track itself is new and dangerous to drive on, it was still very unlike Hamilton to do what he did.

The FIA officials called the British Knight in to discuss his actions. However, he walked out with only a reprimand and a fine for his team to foot.

Steiner accused the FIA of showing favouritism towards Hamilton, and stated that if his team was in that position, they would have been penalised.

“I don’t think we would have gotten away with the fine Mercedes got,” he said, as quoted by

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton (pictured) will race on Sunday with no penalties. Source: Getty Images

“We would have had five places on the grid, which would not have made a difference anyway. I don’t know, I say that could have been.

“As I say, he (Mazepin) was criticised a lot for this and when everyone else does it, it is all good. In the position we are in at the moment, our voice is not really there.

“We need to get up there and we will get vocal about it and not just take it on the chin,” he concluded.

Very inconsistent

The FIA’s assessment of incidents seem very vague to most people on the grid. For example, Mazepin got a penalty for doing what Hamilton did to him at the Spanish GP this season. However, the same incident here did not go punished.

Hamilton will be happy that he has no setbacks for the race on Sunday. His title race is on the line, and nothing short of a win would be the ideal statement.

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