Steiner salutes Haas engineering division for “out of the box” new car

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner labelled Haas as “out of the box” with their new car, saying the team are relying on the fresh start.

Haas used to battle it out in the midfield a few years ago. Since then, their decline has been shocking to see. The 2021 season was their version of rock-bottom, as they were dead last in both championships with exactly zero points scored.

There were few positives to take from the recently-concluded season. With the team pouring all their resources into 2022, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. That may be in the form of what they have released, with the VF-22 debuting a few days ago.

As a result, Steiner labelled Haas as “out of the box” with their new car, saying they are optimistic regarding their chances.

“This year, with having a new car, there are more problems but it’s good to have these problems,” Steiner told The Race.

“Because you can move forward again. Whatever you do will be positive for the whole year. You are not locked in like you were last year. We always tried to get the best but you’re in a box. You cannot get out.

Haas 2022 livery on Mick Schumacher's car. February 2022.
Haas’ 2022 challenger was unveiled before any other team did theirs. Source:

“This year, whatever happens, we need to be good – if we get boxed in – to get out of it because we have the opportunity. So it’s a lot more exciting.”

Future hopes

“There’s a lot more looking forward to it. There’s still a lot of work going on to make it happen, but in the end you know you’re going into something which will give you some satisfaction,” he continued.

“It’s important to him like it is to everyone else. Success is always the biggest motivator to anything. If we can come back to have some kind of success that for sure makes him happier than he is now, because nobody is happy with the result we had last year.

“But we had to bite the bullet to make sure we stay here. And now we have to come up again. For sure it’s important this year that we show progress. We need to show progress.”

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