Guenther Steiner has lashed out at Haas critics, saying their poor results don’t make them stupid or ineligible.

Haas’ fall from grace over the past two seasons is familiar to everyone. They used to be a midfield team, and now they are trying to avoid being last. Their drivers are both rookies, and both have not scored a single point this season.

The Haas Team Principal is a man who has been there during the good times. He oversaw radical changes within the team that have led them to where they are today. Nevertheless, he insisted that the team would eventually find a way to put this bad run behind them.

Steiner lashed out at Haas critics, saying that having a difficult season doesn’t make any of the rumours surrounding the team true.

“People always think that you are bankrupt because you are last, that you will never come back,” Steiner told

Steiner annoyed: 'If you're last, that doesn't make you stupid'
Steiner says Haas are bad, but they are not stupid. Source:

“It’s not like that. If you’re last, that doesn’t make you stupid.

“We’ve had really good seasons and a lot of the people are still the same, so we just have to put the right effort into what we do and will come back.”

Bottom barrel

Haas sit dead last in the Constructors’ Championship, with zero points to their credit. Their rivals Alfa Romeo sit one place above them with seven points. Williams, meanwhile, look uncatchable now, due to them scoring points through a mix of skill and gifted luck.

Their drivers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin are both rookies, and are racing their first season in F1. They have learned a lot and have shown progress, and Haas will benefit from that next season.

The two drivers have been retained by the team, and Haas will already be focusing on next season. A point-scoring finish this season would be a huge confidence boost for the next one.

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