Steiner makes truthful admission about Haas – “Didn’t expect it to get that bad”

Team Principal Guenther Steiner made a sad admission about the Haas F1 team, saying that he never predicted their fall from grace.

Haas used to battle it out in the midfield a few years ago. Since then, their decline has been shocking to see. The 2021 season was their version of rock-bottom, as they were dead last in both championships with exactly zero points scored.

There were few positives to take from the recently-concluded season. With the team pouring all their resources into 2022, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Nevertheless, Steiner made a sad admission about Haas, saying that he never saw their decline coming this quickly.

“We knew we were going to fall behind at a certain point,” the team principal told GP Fans.

“But you don’t expect it to get that bad, at least we didn’t take it into account.

“What happened last year with the start of the pandemic, a car that wasn’t good and then also stopping its development, I knew it was going to be bad.”

Guenther Steiner
Steiner (pictured) has a long road ahead of him. Source:

Haas been?

The team’s time at the extreme rear of the grid must have taught them some valuable lessons. When the American outfit joined the team in 2016, they had been fighting the likes of McLaren.

However, the teams they used to compete against have improved by leaps and bounds, while Haas have stagnated.

Despite the setbacks, Steiner said that their commitment remained as strong as ever.

“When you start on a Sunday, you know it’s bad because we were not competitive at all,” he added.

“Still, you always try to make the best of it and never give up, but fair is fair, on Sunday night.”

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