Steiner thinks Schumacher can become Ferrari’s Russell – “Mick can do something similar”

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner thinks Mick Schumacher can become Ferrari’s George Russell, saying he could do similar things for the Prancing Horse.

Schumacher will race for Haas in 2022. He is also under contract with Ferrari as their reserve driver. Coming from the Ferrari Driver Academy, he is one for the Italian team’s future.

With all F1 teams investing in the youth, young talent is in abundance. Mercedes, for example, bet on Russell and groomed him for his F1 career. He is now a Mercedes driver, and is set to do big things for them.

Steiner thinks Mick Schumacher can become Ferrari’s Russell, saying the red team would do well to back the German.

“I think, if he makes it to Ferrari – which I don’t know, because I cannot decide that one – it’s already a good way into it,” he explained, as quoted by

“Because he has to do some things already how they want them to do, for sure. They will make a seat for him, they will make all this, and he gets to learn (about) the people there, if one day he will be driving for them.

Schumacher (pictured) could follow in his father’s footsteps. Source: LAT

“So, I think there (are) no negatives for anybody. I think that it’s almost only positive for everybody. I would say so.”

Experience under the belt

“This guy, now he has done one year in a Haas. He finds his way around pretty well. He knows the people at Ferrari,” the team principal continued.

“How good of a job he does when he’s in a Ferrari? I don’t know. But look at when George Russell jumped into the Mercedes (in his second year in F1). It’s the same thing, and George did a fantastic job.

“But I think Mick can do something similar if he’s given the opportunity.”

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