FIA suggests alternate number of sprint races for 2022 after cost cap talks break down

The F1 managing committee has suggested running three sprint races in 2022 after talks have reportedly broken down regarding the cost cap.

The idea of sprint qualifying itself debuted to a lukewarm reception from fans and the grid. Nevertheless, the sport has given the green light to the idea after three trial runs in 2021, with double the number of sprint races set to take place in 2022.

However, owing to differences between the top teams and the sport regarding budget allocations, the idea has not been approved yet. Now it seems like it may not go ahead, with the opposition not backing down.

In a bid to keep sprint qualifying, FIA suggested running three sprint races in 2022 after talks broke down between the parties involved.

The majority of F1’s teams were reportedly willing to accept the deal from F1, but two of them, those being Red Bull and Mercedes, have not accepted. Instead, they are asking for an increase in the budget cap, which is currently locked at $140 million for 2022.

The sprint races may be returning in a set of three instead of six. Source: XPB

Not ideal

McLaren CEO Zak Brown slammed Mercedes and Red Bull for opposing the sprint races, saying they were being spoilsports in their need for more money.

“Some teams still look for excuses to raise the cost cap and win World Championships with chequebooks,” he wrote in a pre-season column on McLaren’s website.

“The ongoing lobbying by certain teams to increase the cost cap for sprint race damage is a continuing example.

“The Saturday sprint race initiative by Formula 1 has added new viewers and raised the profile of the sport to expand its global fanbase.

“However, these teams continue to demand a raise to the cost cap by an inordinate amount of money, despite the clear evidence that little damage was incurred during these races last year, in a thinly veiled attempt to protect from their competitive advantage being eroded,” he concluded.

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