Susie Wolff earmarks ‘incredibly talented’ female driver to enjoy long and distinguished career in F1

Formula 1 has seen some women enter the fold, but it has largely been male-dominated ever since its inception.

However, it is not as if those at the top of the hierarchy have not been pushing for greater inclusion from both genders.

The W Series was recently started as an all-female racing tournament where many talented women have plied their trade.

While it has had to contend with financing problems of its own, the day when we see a female driver grace F1 is not all that far, according to Susie Wolff, wife of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

Susie herself may well have fancied her chance of racing in F1, but that was not to be.

However, she believes that Mercedes Junior driver Luna Fluxa has all the makings of a female driver who could enjoy an illustrious career in F1.

“We have a young girl in the Mercedes Junior Programme, she’s only 11 [12],” Susie said.

“She’s competing at the front in European karting. I’d like to think if she carries on in her path, and she’s got the right support around her, she will have a good chance.”

Fluxa is the first female driver in Mercedes’ driving program.

Financial problems forced the W Series to face a premature end this season without the completion of all races.

Jamie Chadwick, who was the points leader at this stage, saw herself crowned champion for the third season in a row.

This was recently announced by W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir.

“It’s with both great sadness and frustration that we announce that our much-anticipated final three races of the 2022 season in Austin and Mexico City will not go ahead,” she said.

“As a start-up in only our third season of racing, we are always working hard to ensure regularity of funding as we continue to grow our business, but due to recent unforeseen circumstances outside of W Series’ control, we had not been in receipt of contracted funds due to us.”

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