Todt pays tribute to dear friend Schumacher after stepping down – “Built so many things together”

Jean Todt paid tribute to his dear friend Michael Schumacher after stepping down from his presidency of the FIA.

Todt will step down from his position after twelve years. He became president in 2009, and his leadership of the sport’s governing body was commemorated at the FIA’s gala/prizegiving ceremony at the Louvre in Paris.

The 75-year-old departs having been an excellent president, with his contributions to the sport making it more globally appealing. On a racing level, he pioneered the introduction of a low-cost line of crash helmets.

It was his greatest innovation, and he was honoured with an example of signed by all the world champions who were crowned during his term as president.

While addressing those in attendance, Tody paid tribute to his dear friend Michael Schumacher after stepping down from his presidency of the FIA. He revealed that the legend was in his thoughts, and that he was praying for him to make a speedy recovery.

“I mean to be very sincere, I miss Michael tonight with us,” he said, as quoted by RaceFans.

“Because he is part of my life, he will always be, and we have been building so many things together because we have been suffering together and that made us stronger.”

Schumacher and Todt are very close friends. Source:

Onwards and upwards

Todt also talked about his rise to presidency and his time as president, and expressed his excitement to see what his successors would be doing.

“12 years back – tomorrow we will have elections – each candidate was invited to have six people with him to support the election,” he continued.  

“I remember 12 years back, I had three people with me: My wife, Michael and my son. And that’s something I will never forget.

“(I am) quite happy to have this chapter over. I’ve been 12 years, it’s a long time. I mean doing the job the way I did it it’s demanding.

“I think it’s very good that the FIA will get fresh blood, fresh team. Amongst the legacy I leave, I leave an amazing team and the team is able to continue to deliver the job with the new elected team.

“Of course I still have the same passion. I’m blessed. I love motor racing, I will still follow motor racing,” he concluded to applause.

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