Todt praises “lucky” Verstappen after Abu Dhabi GP

Jean Todt praised the “lucky” Max Verstappen after the Abu Dhabi GP, saying that his amazing season offset it.

The outgoing FIA president saw his team bungle up the Abu Dhabi GP, controversially playing around with the rules to influence the championship. Verstappen was the one who benefitted from it, and took a championship he probably shouldn’t have won.

The FIA was subjected to massive backlash following the controversy, with fans accusing them of rigging the race and denying race leader and championship contender Lewis Hamilton a win he deserved.

However, Todt praised the “lucky” Verstappen after the Abu Dhabi GP, and said that all things considered, he was a worthy champion.

“I think he gets what he deserves, he made a great season,” he said, as quoted by

“I mean it’s human. You focus on the last lap. It is true he was really lucky on the last lap. But you should see the whole season.

Jead Todt at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.
Todt (right) at the Saudi Arabian GP. Source: Getty Images

“Was he lucky in Silverstone? Was he lucky in Azerbaijan? Was he lucky in Budapest? He was not.”

Focus on the positives

Todt also criticised the fans, Toto Wolff and Mercedes for putting the spotlight on the controversy and the supposed robbery, and urged them to be happy for Verstappen and his maiden championship win.  

“Tonight we should celebrate rather than trying to [get involved] in any form of controversy, there’s no point,” he said.

“Then, this young guy has made an outstanding job, that’s what we should (talk about) rather than saying ‘are we going to punish (Hamilton) because he’s not coming’, honestly, I don’t think that’s the platform to speak, we should be above that.”

Todt will be replaced as President by Graham Stoker after more than a decade in the position.

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