Todt left in tears after watching Schumacher documentary – “It’s full of emotions”

FIA President Jean Todt was left in tears after watching Netflix’s ‘Schumacher’ documentary.

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest drivers to have ever strapped himself to an F1 car’s seat. However, his skiing accident in 2013 came as a shock to the entire F1 community. His life since then has been under wraps, and that’s where the Netflix documentary comes in.

‘Schumacher’ promised exclusive footage about Michael and his family, and how they are living with the circumstances. It released to acclaim from critics and fans, and one of the people who hailed the documentary was Todt.

Todt was left in tears after watching ‘Schumacher’, and gave his thoughts on the documentary.

As reported by Bild, Todt said, “It is a film full of emotions because it is linked to Michael’s fate and his career as a world champion. The accident turned his life upside down.

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Todt (pictured) said that the Schumacher documentary was emotional for him. Source:

“The statements made by the family are particularly moving. It’s amazing how she expresses her feelings with such tenderness and love. Or Mick – I had tears in my eyes.”

Father-son bond

Michael’s son Mick is now an F1 driver, and wants to carve out a legacy like his father did. In the documentary, Mick said that he and his father would have a different relationship at the moment.

“I think dad and me, we would understand each other in a different way now,” Mick said.

“Simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. And that we could have much more to talk about. That’s where my head is most of the time. Thinking that would be so cool, that would be it. I would give up everything just for that. Yes,” he concluded.

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