Tost scolds Wolff for opposing 23-race schedule – “If you don’t like that, leave”

Franz Tost has scolded Toto Wolff for opposing the new 23-race schedule, saying he can leave if he can’t cope with it.

F1 announced that the upcoming season will have 23 races. This is an unprecedented step, with the sport set to take on more races than ever, while also ending the season earlier than usual.

Many F1 personnel have opposed this idea, including Mercedes Team principal Toto Wolff. He complained about how such a schedule could be tiring for his team. It is a concern shared by some others in the paddock as well.

However, Tost scolded Wolff for opposing the 23-race schedule, saying he should leave if he can’t deal with it.

“We are above all a racing team, they should all be happy that they get to go to as many races as possible,” Tost said, as quoted by

Franz Tost rejects Toto Wolff's idea of Formula 1 teams entering a third car
Tost (pictured) is not happy with Wolff complaining about the new F1 schedule. Source:

“Of course we take good care of our staff. For example, after a race weekend the mechanics have three or four days off where they can stay at home.

“Besides that PR, marketing and all those other people who work at the circuit also have a few days off after a race weekend.

“For engineers it’s a bit trickier, but if I remember correctly in the past they also had to go on to test sessions after a race weekend which meant they had to work there as well

“I think we should all be happy that we are in the position of working in Formula 1 and that there are 23 races being organised. If you don’t like that, leave,” he concluded.

Packed schedule

We will have to see how the 2022 season unfolds. How teams handle the stress of races coming at them fast and furious will be key to their performances.

The downside to this idea is that in addition to teams being burdened, fans also have to tune in more regularly. It will be interesting to see how things pan out next season, where there are heavy changes being promised.

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