Toto Wolff attacks Oscar Piastri for tempting karma to handicap him in finding new team after lack of loyalty to Alpine

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has been left slightly bemused by the way Oscar Piastri publicly turned down Alpine on social media.

Piastri has decent racing pedigree, having won the Formula 3 and Formula 2 series prior to becoming Alpine’s reserve driver this season.

The Australian has been hoping to find a permanent seat in Formula 1 on the back of his success at the junior level.

But, Alpine failed to give him any guarantees till the time that Fernando Alonso announced his decision to quit the team.

Alpine then took to social media to announce that it had decided to promote Piastri to be a full-time driver for next year, but the driver swiftly denied any chances of racing for them in 2023.

Tired for waiting for an opportunity with Alpine, Piastri had reportedly engaged in talks with McLaren over a potential seat.

Since then, McLaren has terminated Daniel Ricciardo’s contract a year before it ran out, but are yet to confirm who will take his seat alongside Lando Norris.

What did Toto say?

Oscar Piastri. Credit:

For Wolff, all the drama just doesn’t sit right and the Austrian believes such a firm refusal on the part of Piastri could come back to bite him, especially since he is yet to find a seat.

With Piastri having spent such a long time in the Alpine (then Renault) academy, Wolff believes the driver has not shown the sort of loyalty that should be expected of him.

“I have bigger problems than enjoy to sit on the balcony like in ‘The Muppet Show to watch the show pan out in front of my eyes,” said Wolff.

“I think it’s important that junior programmes are being respected, I think some of the kids should be wary on Twitter what they said about multinational organisations. 

“But I have no insight into the contracts.

“I believe in karma, I believe in integrity, but I’m not here to judge because as I said, I don’t know the legal situation.”

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