Toto Wolff gives rasping response to troll mocking him over Lewis Hamilton agony

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff used the not-so-uncommon method of silencing a troll by showing him his middle finger as he drove past in his car.

The person in question reportedly ridiculed Wolff for the way in which he reacted to the season-ending controversy that emerged in Abu Dhabi last year.

Silver Arrows driver Lewis Hamilton looked set to win his eighth F1 world championship with just a few laps remaining. However, a controversial Virtual Safety Car was deployed which eventually allowed Max Verstappen to claim his maiden title.

In the aftermath, Wolff was absolutely steaming with rage.

He could be heard on his radio saying, “No Mikey. No, no Mikey – that was so not right.”

Ever since then, this phrase has become iconic in modern-day F1 folklore.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. Credit:

According to Reddit, a troll had crossed Wolff earlier this week to repeat the same phrase at the Austrian. Although Toto looked largely unflustered, he flipped up his birdie at the onlooker through his car window as he drove past with a big smile on his face.

This sort of behaviour may be expected from a troll, but perhaps not so much from one of the protagonists in the controversy.

Earlier this season, Verstappen had also taunted Wolff by using the same phrase at a competitor during a virtual endurance race.

“So instead of losing the spot, he just shunts you out of the way,” Verstappen had said.

“I will report it to Michael Masi. No, Mikey. No.”

All playful, but you can probably now imagine exactly how Wolff would have reacted to that!

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