Toto Wolff and wife Susie launch legal battle against FIA demanding healthy compensation for public defamation – “The bullet went out of the gun”

The FIA recently led out an investigation over Toto Wolff and his wife Susie Wolff trading insider information in F1 owing to their positions in F1. While Toto serves as Mercedes team principal, Susie is the managing director of the F1 Driver’s Academy.

The investigation was shut down almost immediately, with FIA announcing that no wrongdoing was being committed by either party, although others may not believe it is quite as simple as that.

Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff. Credit:
Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff. Credit:

Toto Wolff believes the entire episode has left a sour taste for all parties involved and the fact that their integrity came into question means that it is unlikely to go away fast, hinting at the repercussions the couple now faces owing to this investigation.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Toto felt hurt and felt his reputation had taken a serious hit.

“We have millions of people watching us, we have to be examples for what we say and do,” Toto Wolff said.

“The investigation – opened and closed in two days – has done a lot of damage, and it’s not what you expect from the F1 world in general.”

He summed up the entire situation with a strong statement.

“The bullet went out of the gun and cannot come back in.”

The 52-year-old Mercedes boss requested higher standards to be followed in the future to ensure reputations aren’t permanently damaged.

It is believed that Toto and Susie have launched a legal battle against this investigation, something that has been confirmed by Sky Sports’ expert Craig Slater. 

It appears like the Wolff family is not only seeking an apology, but also legal compensation for defamation, according to Slater.

There was slightly happier news for Toto Wolff in the immediate aftermath of this incident, as the Mercedes boss confirmed signing a three-year contract extension to stay at the Silver Arrows.

His wife Susie, though, was criticised for delivering false promises by F1 Academy driver Chloe Grant. The main premise of Grant’s criticism stemmed around the fact that there are not enough women in the F1 Drivers’ Academy to ensure Susie Wolff’s promise of having a female race in F1 by 2030 would be a possibility.

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