Tsunoda reveals reaction to racing for the first time – “I was a bit scared”

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda revealed his reaction to racing for the first time, saying that he wasn’t as cool as a cucumber at all.

Tsunoda raced his rookie season with AlphaTauri in 2021. He had a decent season with the team, and despite a few struggles ended it on a strong note.

The Japanese was given his debut run during a test run in November 2020 at the Imola circuit. AlphaTauri themselves arranged the event to help their current driver have enough mileage on his super license for his F1 debut.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Tsunoda revealed his reaction to racing for the first time, saying that he was fearful of a few things.

“I think I was a bit scared,” Tsunoda told RacingNews365.com.

“Because I think the first session I had was a bit of (a) wet condition (session). It was not fully wet, but a bit wet. The first time in Imola, I was a bit scared.

Tsunoda (pictured) during his initial racing days. Source: Getty Images

“(I didn’t want to) to lose the session straight away after the first lap, so (I was) a bit scared.”

Shaking the webs off

Tsunoda went on to explain that a few laps into his run, he felt at home in his AlphaTauri, and went on to enjoy and savour the whole experience.

“After three laps, I didn’t have (any feelings of being) scared,” he continued.

“It’s more just enjoying the Formula 1 car, especially (because) I (was) really impressed (by) the braking performance and acceleration from the Formula 1 car, (which) is just incredible compared to even Formula 2.

“So yeah, I still really clearly remember the first day in Formula 1.”

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