‘Uncontrollable’ Max Verstappen ‘would not heed’ any Sergio Perez-related instructions as Red Bull feared car failure

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was ‘uncontrollable’ as he looked to find an extra point for the fastest lap in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

This is the view of Red Bull technical adviser Helmut Marko, who emphasised why Max was hell bent on achieving the fastest lap at any cost.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. Credit: formula1news.co.uk
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. Credit: formula1news.co.uk

Two-time world champion Verstappen was hunting down the bonus point for the fastest lap and claimed this in the very last lap of the race.

With Perez having finished second in the season-opener held in Bahrain, it was imperative for Max to win the fastest lap if he was to enter the Australian Grand Prix at the top of the standings.

Red Bull may have been keen to ask Max to take it a little easy and ensure he managed to complete his race, after a driveshaft failure during qualifying meant that he started the race in 15th position.

In that respect, driving past the traffic and being on course to get a P2 finish would usually have been enough to quell most drivers’ ambitions.

Should Max have been more cautious?

But, Red Bull knew Max would not heed any instructions as he was “hell bent” on finishing the race at the pinnacle of the drivers’ standings.

“Typical Max on the last lap with the fastest race lap,” Marko said.

“That was uncontrollable. That’s just Max.

“Both were constantly asking who had the fastest lap and Max waited until the last lap so Perez couldn’t counter. He would not listen to us if we asked him to be cautious.

“It means the lead in the world championship for him. We are very satisfied with the race.”

Max Verstappen with 33 car number. Credit: planetf1.com
Max Verstappen with 33 car number. Credit: planetf1.com

While it eventually worked out quite well for Max, things could have gotten a lot dirtier as the issues from qualifying hinted at making a comeback during the race.

Had that been the case, it could have meant jeopardy for Max, who would have lost out on crucial points.

“We already assumed it would be podium for Max,” Marko said.

“But, it was still a bit of a squeeze because he was suffering from vibrations again.”

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