‘Lovestruck’ Valtteri Bottas opts for wild change in appearance to copy girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell and win fan appreciation

Sauber driver Valtteri Bottas has shown a completely different, more relaxed side to himself ever since he left Mercedes. While the Finnish driver was always in the shadow of Lewis Hamilton during his time at the Silver Arrows, his personality has now shone through at his new team.

However, few would have imagined that he would undertake as big a transformation in terms of his hairstyle as we have just witnessed.

Valtteri Bottas. Credit: dailymail.co.uk
Valtteri Bottas. Credit: dailymail.co.uk

It’s true that heroes often make a complete fool out of themselves in front of the public just to woo their prospective partners in movies, and Bottas seems to have done exactly that.

Sporting a mullet that is typical of Australian culture, Bottas sent fans in splits as he released a video on Instagram which made many feel he was now ideally suited to date his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell, who is an Olympic cyclist from Down Under.

Bottas was looking so convincing in his new appearance that many fans even asked him if he would consider changing nationalities!

Not only is he sporting a mullet, Bottas has now grown a wild moustache to go with it which one can’t help but feel will not stay once the F1 season gets underway.

Nonetheless, fans couldn’t get enough of this side of Bottas, who seems to have found love in Cromwell.

To put icing on the cake, Bottas decided to die his moustache and mullet blonde, to match the colour sported by Cromwell. Couple goals, anyone?

With Bottas seemingly going the extra mile to appease his girlfriend Cromwell, fans are eager for him to make it official and propose to her.

“Give this man an Australian citizenship,” one fan said in response.

“I love that we have three Australians driving in F1,” said another.

Regardless of whether Bottas does decide to ask the question, it seems obvious that he is really enjoying life and is embracing all the positive vibes despite being under pressure to retain his seat at Sauber since the arrival of Stake F1.

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